WoWthing is a website designed to help with the task of managing your World of Warcraft account(s). Keep track of what your characters are doing, where your items are stored, which dungeons you're locked to, your mounts/pets/toys, and... probably more stuff. A combination of in-game addons can accomplish most of this (Altoholic and SavedInstances) - I found that solution annoying, especially if I was away from my desktop.

  1. Head on over to the login page and log in with
  2. Once you're logged in, click 'OAuth' on the top-of-page navigation bar to begin the process of linking a account. This will allow WoWthing to retrieve a list of your characters and begin the process of retrieving API data.
  3. Install the WoWthing_Collector addon - this gathers data that is not available via the API (gold, inventory items, dungeon lockouts, etc).
  4. Load WoW!
  5. Log into each character you would like information to be available for, making sure to open your bank and void storage.
  6. Open the Toy Box at some point, it's another tab on the 'Collections' window - you can find a button for it (horse head) on your mini menu bar.
  7. Click 'Upload data' on the top-of-page navigation bar and follow the instructions.

It sure does! Luckily, I also can't be bothered doing that regularly so there is a solution: WoWthing Sync, a (very) simple Windows application to automatically upload the WoWthing_Collector.lua file whenever it changes.

  1. Download the latest release of WoWthing Sync. You need the .NET 4 runtime thingy installed.
  2. Unzip it somewhere.
  3. Run WoWthing Sync.exe.
  4. Put your WoWthing username/password in the relevant boxes.
  5. Hit SELECT FOLDER, browse to your World of Warcraft folder - not anything below that.
  6. Hit START. Whenever you log out of a character it should automatically sync your data.
GitLab repository - written in Python. This website!
WoWthing Collector
GitLab repository - written in Lua. WoW addon to gather data unavailable via the API.
WoWthing Sync
GitLab repository - written in C#. Automates uploading of WoWthing_Collector data file(s).
GitLab repository - written in Go. Handles character/item/etc data retrieval from various APIs.