WoWthing [insert cool logo here]

Do you have an alt problem? Struggling to remember which of your characters have done all of the things this week? WoWthing is here to help manage your World of Warcraft characters!

WoWthing is free and will (hopefully) always be free. I have no interest in running ads or charging for premium functionality, and since everything is open source someone else could just host a free version anyway.

Let's take a quick tour:

Screenshot of WoWthing Home view

The at-a-glance view of your characters. Most of the columns are configurable, this is an example of absolutely everything being enabled. The faded rows at the bottom are characters on an inactive account.

NOTE: most of this functionality requires saved data from the WoWthing_Collector addon to be uploaded - gold, mount speed, weekly quests (Anima/Shaping Fate/Souls), Torghast completion, Mythic+ keystone, Mythic+ vault.


Screenshot of WoWthing Currencies view

Keep track of how much of each currency all of your characters have. In the near future you'll be able to display this on the Home screen also.


Screenshot of WoWthing Gear view

Keep track of all of that sweet gear you're stuck with for months on end because the loot gods never smile upon you.


Screenshot of WoWthing Mythic+ view

Keep track of your current keystone, Mythic+ Vault status, Raider.IO score, and which dungeons you've done at what level in the current week/season.


Screenshot of WoWthing Reputations view

Keep track of your current reputation level with every faction in the game.

... and more, probably! Get started by registering using Battle.Net, and feel free to stop by our Discord if you have any questions, feature requests, or just to say hi.